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Systems Theory, Chaos Theory, Self-Organization, Empowerment, Teams, No-Teams, Matrix Management, traditional Project Management, and the Management Theory of the day. Confused? You're not alone. There are all types of theories and ideas circulating at one time or another about how to manage people and projects. Are any of them useful? Or is each just another dead end? Well the fact is they probably all have something to offer if we just approach them correctly, but not as a panacea to cure all our management ills. You have come to the correct site if you want to try to sort some of this out, and engage in knowledge sharing, and possibly some new Management Perspectives. 

So please explore the site. It is still growing, and with feedback from you, it can grow even faster.

To extend the boundaries of traditional management. To explore new methods and ideas for managing projects, people and organizations. To be a forum for the exchange of these ideas. To be a place for brainstorming any new ideas, in an effort to improve productivity, to maximize the use of our people resources while increasing their job satisfaction, and improving the quality of work being delivered.

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If I can help you in any way; or if you are looking for a project or PMO manager; or if you just need some help getting your program on track, please contact me using the information below.
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General Information: sdac@management-perspectives.com or sdac@alsoand.com
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