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Web Changes

08/12/2003 Resume etc.

08/15/2002 Added Intrapreneur.com link.

06/19/2002 Added Skills based resource assignment document

04/26/2002 Added Header Maker. Useful and fun.

03/02/2002 Added Working Wounded Link

02/22/2002 Fixed Table of Contents (at least made it do something)

02/16/2002 Matrix Management document added to Management 101

01/27/2002 New Logo and cosmetic adjustments

10/17/2001 Added new "Recommendations" from Amazon.com in the Reading List

09/08/2001 Added GANTTHEAD site

07/20/2001 Changed logo to better represent how all things are linked.

06/06/2001 Added PMO White Paper

04/22/2001 Added a new quote to Thoughts.

03/26/2001 Added "The Concept of Systems Theory" to Think Tank

02/25/2001 Added "Human Body: An Organizational Analogy" to Think Tank

02/20/2001 Added a new Link. Added a new quote to Thoughts.

02/18/2001 Added Adobe eReader Facility to the site.

02/11/2001 Added "Leadership and the New Science" video Synopsis to Think Tank.

01/21/2001 Added Link to Mind Mapping Software

01/15/2001 Website officially launched.




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