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Articles, White Papers and other documents addressing basic concepts of Management. These will cover people and project management topics.

All documents are in PDF format. They can be read using Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems to view them. Click on the Acrobat Reader icon below to download the reader. (It's Free)  You can also use the new Acrobat eReader to read these documents. This new technology enhances the online reading experience. The reader is free, and can be downloaded by clicking the Acrobat eReader icon below.


Documents covering basic management principles.

bulletSkills based resource assignments - I attended the world wide launch of Microsoft Project 2002. One of their new features was this skill based assignment tool. I just wanted to point out some pitfalls for those of you who might consider it.
Skills based resource assignments: Dream come true or Nightmare 784KB
bulletMatrix Management - One of the visitors to this site asked for an explanation of "Matrix Management"/Matrix Organizations". This was my response, and I thought it might be interesting for others.
Matrix Management 162KB
bulletPMO White Paper - This document represents a brief introduction as to what to consider when implementing a Project Management Office (PMO). I wrote a more specific version of this for a client, and felt this more generic version might be useful to visitors to this web site.
PMO White Paper 1,200KB
bulletProject Scheduling Primer - Scheduling multiple projects and sharing resources, how it works.
Project Scheduling Primer  208KB
bulletProject Management Guidelines (A different kind of Methodology) - This is a methodology I wrote with one of my clients. This methodology is applicable for "any" project; and everything is a project. This works whether you are building the Space Shuttle, planning a meeting, planning a trip or handling a continuity issue (putting out a fire). The point being that the phases in this, and actually any, methodology are steps we go through for "any" project we do. In some instances it may take 5 minutes to go through them all; in others 5 years. But go through them all we will. This Methodology helps managers think about their projects in a different way. It teaches managers to ask the right questions to get the information they need. It is all about communication and dissemination of information. There are 2 documents here. The first is the entire Methodology; the second is a Quick Reference Card for that methodology.
Project Management Guidelines 206KB 
Project Management Guidelines Quick Reference 74KB




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