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These are Links to some interesting sites. There is considerable variety, as good management requires the use of concepts from many disciplines. Please email any comments about these sites or suggestions for other sites you feel might be useful or interesting.


bulletIntrapreneur.com. This is an interesting site about intrapreneuring ( Entrapreneuring inside your company). The site discusses the concept and allows you to participate in discussions with others. There other resources as well. Check it out.
bulletWorking Wounded. This site covers a variety of topics for those in the work force. It isn't devoted only to project management; but good project management is affected by everything at work.
bulletGANTTHEAD.com. This site has in depth discussions of a wide variety of conventional Project Management topics. I think it can be a very useful site.
bulletThe Department of Defense's Software Program Managers Network. This site has free tools to download in addition to considerable information on various project management topics. Two useful project management tools are available (Free) as well, they are Control Panel and Risk Radar.
bulletThe Center for Innovative Leadership. Articles and products providing innovative insights to the business of management.

bulletCarnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute. Best know for its Software CMM (Capability Maturity Model), this site provides descriptions of CMMs for a variety of disciplines, and much more.

bulletMindJet Mind Mapping Software - Mind mapping is a method for "Visual Thinking". It has been used for years by students for taking notes in classes. It actually has many applications including planning and brainstorming, and with the advent of a computerized version is has become even easier. Click here for a simple Mind Map sample. This site has a great try it before you buy it, full functioning version of the software for download.
bulletNNH Enterprise - This site has some interesting information on some basic project management concepts, primarily Earned Value.



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